Circuit breaker testing, repair, refurbishing and preventative maintenance.

Circuit breakers are the most used piece of equipment in the electrical switchgear apparatus line-up.

Circuit breakers carry the electrical current, and also have the duty to interrupt that flow when necessary. If a breaker fails to perform when called upon a minor inconvenience can turn into a serious loss of property, loss of production time, loss of revenue and maybe even something worse. This makes planned maintenance along with preventative testing an absolute must when it comes to keeping equipment safe and operational, and that’s where Utilities Plus Energy Services (UPES) can help.

We have the experienced personnel and modern equipment to provide a full range of circuit breaker maintenance services. Regardless of the system class or voltage system, we have the knowledge, training and hands-on experience to perform professionally.

Circuit Breaker Testing

Any prescribed circuit breaker testing services are performed on-site to determine the operational condition of the equipment. We also offer relay testing and calibration for medium voltage systems as well as servicing their corresponding breaker or breakers.

Preventative Maintenance

Most circuit breakers fail due to dirt, corrosion and fatigued parts. Specific maintenance programs have been developed and UPES is especially vigilant in providing detailed care. We follow standard prescribed procedures and learned techniques, and test to InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) standards.

Circuit Breaker Repair and Refurbishment

When possible UPES performs minor repairs on-site as equipment is tested. We do this so we can save our customers some dollars and some future inconvenience.

When more extensive repairs are needed, breakers are brought into our shop so we have a full array of equipment and parts to make the proper fix. All breakers are fully disassembled, cleaned, refurbished and brought up to factory specifications. Some breakers are upgraded with new solid state trip units while may be upgraded to vacuum operation. Some breakers may also be replaced with new vacuum or upgraded retrofit units.

For more information on our circuit breaker maintenance services, call our headquarters at 763-441-1200. To learn more about all the other services we offer, go to our "Services" page.