Electrical equipment modification, repair and replacement.

The skilled technicians and engineers at Utilities Plus Energy Services (UPES) go beyond just maintaining and designing electrical systems. We also sell new and used electrical equipment and parts, and we’re also able to modify and fabricate our own parts and equipment in our on-site shop in Minnesota. This part of our business is generally tied to new installations, upgrades or repairs, and furthers our mission to be your one-stop electrical solutions provider.

We have extensive experience in the industrial, municipal, commercial and institutional markets. This experience means we’ve developed a deep knowledge of each market’s needs and the products required to keep operations functioning.

Generally, we only inventory specialty and unique items needed by customers. We also look for particular equipment needed for future upgrade projects. When installing new, we try to save viable parts for future emergency needs of our customers. For upgrade and renovation projects, we search the market for new equipment as well as used items. Any used items are renovated and upgraded to like new condition.

For new and more commonly required equipment, UPES works closely with various manufacturers and used equipment re-sellers. We have favorable agreements with OEM pricing that allow us to buy right and pass these savings onto our customers.

Some of the new and used equipment we sell is:

  • Bushings
  • Buss
  • Capacitators
  • Circuit breakers
  • Complete substations
  • Control panels
  • Control panel parts
  • Re-closers
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Tap changers
  • Transformers

For all your equipment needs, UPES can be a viable source, and we’re just a phone call away. We have an in-depth knowledge of systems, we know how they operate, we know where to get them and we may have them in stock. We also offer emergency maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to our customers.

If you’re looking for new or used electrical equipment or parts, give us a call today.