From leak repair to equipment design, our transformer maintenance services keep your equipment running properly.

Within the heart of electrical systems pulses the transformer—doing its job of converting electricity into useful energy. As with all operating equipment, proper maintenance is necessary to make sure that all components are working properly and efficiently.

Basic cleaning, scheduled preventive maintenance, oil and/or electrical testing and repairs are crucial to transformer operation and life span. Transformers can and do fail, and when they do it can cause catastrophic power failure, loss of business revenue and even more.

Utilities Plus Energy Services (UPES) has the experienced technical personnel to keep transformers operating smoothly and safely. UPES personnel have performed services on each type and class of equipment using industry-approved procedures and modern equipment. And, as always, safety and customer needs are our prime considerations.


UPES offers all the necessary testing services to properly maintain equipment. Testing ensures that transformers are working properly, and also help reveal any potential problem areas.


Items such as bushing re-gasketing and replacement, leak repair, LTC repair; oil processing and more. And, for those with PCB’s, turnkey disposal and spill cleanup are just some of the transformer repair services we offer.

Turnkey Services

Turnkey replacement, equipment upgrade, system upgrade, and new installations are an integral part of the services we provide. In addition, we also offer design and engineering, project management, installation, on-line monitoring start-up and much more. Some of our most frequent services request are for commissioning, acceptance testing and start-up.

We are all about providing the best service possible to our customers, and also offer 24/7 emergency services. For more information on our transformer maintenance services, connect with us by calling our Minnesota headquarters at 763-441-1200. For more information on all the services we offer, check out our “Services” page.